Hyper-V Monitor Gadget for Windows Sidebar

This is nice:




List of Log Files in Configuration Manager 2007

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Hyper-V Remote Control

Inside Application Virtualization Video

If you want to gain a better understanding of the insides of Application Virtualization (aka Softgrid) check out the following video:


Windows Server 2008 as a Workstation Converter

Just saw this gem….It would have certainly sped up the manual process I used..



ConfigMgr OS Deployment – WDS and DHCP on same server Issue/Resolution

Recently I set up a Windows 2008 server with ConfigMgr 2007 SP1 (aka SCCM 2007) & wanted to do OS deployment.  I ran into some issues because this server was also a DHCP server, this post will address the high level steps I took to get this working.


  1. Installed WDS via the Add Roles Wizard
    • image
  2. Added the PXE service point role via ConfigMgr Admin Console
    • image
  3. Now all should be good right?  Nope, the WDS service would not start.  After some research I found the issue to be that WDS & DHCP both use port 67 by default.
    • To get around this the following registry change needs to be made (UseDHCPPorts = 0)
      • image
  4. I then removed and reinstalled the PXE service point and thought all was well – even the pxecontrol.log looked good (see below)
  5. Monitored PXEControl.log to ensure PXE was responding to tests
    • image
  6. So I tried to PXE boot a system and still no luck.  More research showed that I needed to accomplish two more steps
    • Initialize the WDSServer (wdsutil /initialize-server /reminst:G:\RemoteInstall) – NOTE: Adjust the G:\remoteinstall location to reality in your environment
      • image
    • Next you need to run the following command for the registry change made in step 3 to take affect
    • image
  7. The next test worked like a charm
    • image
    • image
    • image  

How to get the Current Directory within executing batch file

Excellent post on a very simple way to get the directory path from an executing batch file: