Vista Display Problems Solved

Has Windows Vista been driving you nuts every time you unlock the desktop on a multi-monitor system? It has been for me so I did some digging and came across a great post on the Microsoft newsgroups and found the solution.  I just implemented it and it works flawlessly.

No more having to go into display settings and adjust my resolution and primary monitor each time I unlock or reboot my system.

Fix Action (Disable Transient Multi-Monitor Manager Task):

– Right click on My computer -> Select Manage

– Double Click Task Scheduler

-> Task Scheduler Library

–> Microsoft

—> Windows


– Highlight TMM in the center pane

– End & Disable the task via the action pane on the right

– Issue Solved


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33 Responses to “Vista Display Problems Solved”

  1. skeeedunt Says:

    Awesome, works great. This has been driving me crazy.

  2. dean Says:

    Didn’t fix it on my Amilo Xi1546 with Mobility Radeon X1800.

  3. Matt Says:

    Just what I needed. I was already thinking about buying a Mac

  4. seanm Says:

    thanks goodness this seems to work!

  5. William Dunn Says:

    This did not fix the issue with my compaq DV2419

  6. RodeoBoy Says:

    superb solution. its amazing how many fixes you can find online if you look.

  7. Spawn Says:

    Thanx a lot! It works! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  8. Daniel Says:

    Thank you so much…. that was the most annoying thing about Vista!!!!

  9. Sean Says:

    Shoot! Doesn’t work on my T60p ThinkPad.

  10. Brian Says:

    Works great for Gateway M685 running entreprise Vista.

  11. Rufus Says:

    It worked for my Compaq 8510w with Vista Enterprise. Nice!

  12. Alan Says:

    Thanks! Worked Great on my Toshiba Satellite!!

  13. salim Says:

    Thanks it worked on my Dell Inspiron 1720

  14. Kenn Says:

    Wonderful! This has been irritating me for 8 months… stupid Vista, run your life w/o your permission crap. Dell D820 and nVidia.

  15. Johnny Says:

    Thanks! Worked on my ThinkPad T61.

  16. Thierry Says:

    Many thanks. Worked fine on my Dell Inspiron 1520 runnning Vista Family Premium

  17. Chris Says:

    It had no effect for me. Still looking for a solution.

  18. Steven Says:

    Works fantastic – thanks a ton.

  19. Novaboy Says:

    I’ve been tearing my hair out for ages with this, I didn’t believe it would work but it did !!!! Thanks so much, it has made my media pc usable. Sony AR51E Laptop

  20. Dan Says:

    Thanks, this has been a real pain in the ass.

  21. Chris Says:

    Thanks for the tip. Worked a treat. Pity Vista doesn’t save the settings so that such a fix is not required.

  22. David’s Technical Musings » Blog Archive » Work-around for Resolution Changes in Vista Says:

    […] After a brief search on the Internet, I found several references to the Transient Multi-Monitor Manager.  This is an application that is started by Task Scheduler to make it easier for mobile PCs to reconfigure their displays when plugging external monitors into them.  The workaround suggested in several places is to disable the task.  An especially good article was made by netsaber. […]

  23. Hindra Says:

    Works for me, Compaq NC6400. Thanks.

  24. Nina Says:

    Finally I have been able to configure my monitors the way I want them. It has been driving me nuts. I have a Compaq 6910p. Thank you for this article.

  25. Dale Says:

    Awesome. It’s finally fixed. I looked for solutions for this on and off for months, until I finally tried again and found this article. Make sure you reboot after fixing to test the fix.

  26. Scott Says:

    On my machine (a ThinkPad T60p) it turned out that the graphics driver was the problem. My driver was the ATI Mobility Driver from Windows Update, version 8.363.0.0, and when I installed the driver from the Lenovo site instead (version 8.383.1.1) the issue was fixed. The change history in the README mentions something similar – “Display position of the extended desktop is changed after re-docking the system.”

  27. gvfd107 @ Says:

    lets hope this works.. my monitor allwayse just shut off whenever i plugged in another display

  28. kavya Says:

    Thank you so much.. it worked.

  29. Jack Says:

    Thanks a lot for publishing this trick. I am using a Belkin KVM USB FLIP switch and it used to work when I had XP on my laptop. With VISTA installed it drove me crazy till I applied the above and disabled the TMM.
    Thanks again.

  30. Mike Browne Says:

    This worked for me too. Thanks so much. It took me forever to find this fix. 🙂

  31. Jon Says:

    Thanks – worked great – – Thanks!

  32. Vista Screen Flicker Says:

    […] After some Googling around for the cause / solution, I finally found the cause as detailed here. […]

  33. Mike Says:

    Thank you for this! I did have to reboot for this to take effect but it has worked amazingly well so far.

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