Re-running advertisements on an Advanced Client

I was looking for some good information on re-running an advertisement on SMS 2003 advanced clients.  I found the following old but good post that not only had the solution but provides a great understanding of the process.

Download the script here:


System Center Configuration Manager Document Documentation

The Technet repository of SCCM 2007 documentation:

Technical Documentation

The technical documentation for Configuration Manager 2007 consists of the Configuration Manager Documentation Library. The Library contains the following sections:

SMS 2003 Heartbeat Discovery

If you want to learn a bit more about heartbeat discovery the below article from Steve Rachui is a great read.

SMS 2003 – Heartbeat Discovery

There are several discovery methods in SMS 2003 but there is only one discovery method that MUST be enabled at every site in the heirarchy that will host clients – heartbeat discovery.  Heartbeat discovery is unique in that it is the ONLY discovery method that returns a client GUID as part of the discovery record and is also the only one to dictate whether clients are seen as ‘installed’ in the SMS admin console.  Here is a laundry list of heartbeat discovery related items

–  Heartbeat discovery is responsible for letting the site know a client is still healthy and runs on the interval specified – default is 7 days.
–  By default, missing heartbeat discovery records will NOT cause a client to be removed from the database if another discovery method is active and discovering the system.  If you want to remove clients from the database solely based on whether heartbeat information is current – use the ‘Delete Inactive Client Discovery Data’ maintenance task.
–  Clients will flip between installed yes and installed no if the heartbeat discovery records and delete aged discovery tasks are set in conflict.  If you see systems role to installed = no and you know they are valid systems, just go to the systems management applet on the client and run a discovery data collection action – this will cause the install flag to flip back (update and refresh the collection) assuming the communications channels to the site server are working properly.
–  Setting the interval for the ‘Delete Inactive Client Discovery Data’ and ‘Delete Aged Discovery Data’ tasks must be done with consideration to the heartbeat interval settings.  A good general rule of thumb is that the delete settings should be at least 2 1/2 times the interval of the heartbeat setting.

Ever wonder how heartbeat discovery data gets back to the site server?  When a scheduled heartbeat discovery cycle is initiated the inventoryagent module begins processing.  The inventoryagent is responsible for hardware and software inventory plus heartbeat discovery.  Processing for heartbeat data is very quick.  Once we have the record it is copied to the outbound queues on the agent and, depending on size, is either copied to the CCM_Incoming directory or directly posted to the management point.  Copies to the management point are handled via BITS.  If it is of interest to actually preserve the data collected in the discovery record for troubleshooting purposes, simply create the an empty folder called archive_reports.sms in the ccm\inventory\temp path on the agent.  The discovery (and other inventory records) will be stored in XML format in this folder as they are processed.

The management point receives the discovery record as encrypted XML.  The CCMIsapi will evaluate all incoming messages (not just discovery) and decide which specific component should further process.  In the case of discovery the message will be handed off to the discovery processor to transform it into the *.DDR format.  This can be seen in the MP_DDR.log.  Once this conversion completes the file is handed off to the file dispatch manager for movement to the inboxes folders.  The DDR arrives in the inboxes\auto\ and is processed into the database by the Data Discovery Manager component.  Note that not all DDRs are processed through the auth\ folder – but all heartbeat DDR’s are.

SCCM 2007 Has Left the Building!!

Download the Eval Here: (Note: You will be able to upgrade from the Evaluation version to the final RTM when it becomes available)

Below excerpt from MyITforum

OMG – Anderson’s not dead! Look – a blog entry!  Wow – how time flies. It seems like only yesterday that Brady/I were on stage at MMS, basking in the glow that was the release of SMS 2003. (I think the actual quote he used was, “wow – we should ship a product that works more often” J). Ah, those were the days. We could stand in front of a room, announce we removed logon points, and get applause! Ah, the simple life… Today is the next in that line of milestones. At 4PM today 8/24, the team signed off on System Center Configuration Manager 2007 (still can’t get used to that name!) and we’ve officially released it to manufacturing. What this team is delivering to you is the most SIGNIFICANT release in the 13 year history of the product, and I’m so proud to have been a part (albeit small as I’ve been working on SCCM V5 for a year now!) of the past 3+ yrs of work that has gone into it. It’s significant for so many things. Sure – it’s got a TON of features and functionality that we hope will help you all continue to “do more with less”, “stay TechSexy” or whatever those slogans have said in the past! But it’s so much more than that. It’s about massive investments in making sure the quality is at the point so that you can bet your business on our ability to deliver. We made a quality mistake with you guys 8 years ago, and promised you it would never happen again. We continue with that promise. (I’ll put out test stats in the next few days that will blow your mind!). It’s about significant time in understanding how you’ll upgrade between versions, because we know that the deployment of an enterprise systems mgmt tool is not a “next, next, next, finish (and then reboot)” activity. If you’d like, we COULD bring back “express setup” and it could be that fast! It’s about a commitment to you on schedule. We set an internal schedule 2 years ago that had a bottoms-up RTM date of August, 2007. We HIT that. We know you guys (and gals April et al!) bet your tech strategies on our ability to get you a product in the right time window. We take a lot of pride in being able to deliver that for you. But, most importantly – it’s about you – the 50,000 (ballpark) SMS customers and admins around the globe that continue to support us, continue to beat us up when we don’t get you what you need, continue to add/extend on top of this product we provide, continue to find new business problems to solve with SMS, continue to fight battles with network and security admins to get this product installed right, continue to delight end-users by giving them services w/o them even knowing, continue to evangelize this product to your peers, continue to do what we tell you not to do (edit site control file, work direct to the database, etc), and continue to not only be our customers, but be our peers and friends. Wish you guys could all be here to share with us in this celebration (now THAT would be a party) but a lot of us will be on the road in the upcoming weeks. There is an event in Boston on 10/4, and a few of us (tough life!) will be gallivanting around Europe for MMS Best of Europe road show, culminating in our worldwide launch in Barcelona at IT Forum (yes – that other IT Forum thing!). You’ll be seeing updates on with stuff about SCCM 07 early next week – but I couldn’t wait that long to tell you how much we appreciate all your help in making this happen, and how we know that the battle isn’t over – it’s only begun – as we work together to get you guys deploying this product in the upcoming months!

Bill Anderson
Lead Program Manager
System Center Configuration Manager
Microsoft Corporation

Some great WMI resources

WMI Code Creator – A fantastic utility that lets you browse the WMI namespaces and will generate code for C#, & VBscript.  This tool will save you a ton of time and build your understanding of wmi quite quickly.