Configuration Manager Documentation Library Update 

The Configuration Manager Documentation Library has been updated. The Documentation Library is the primary documentation for Configuration Manager 2007. The November update contains new material and fixes to documentation problems reported after Configuration Manager 2007 was released. Refer to “What’s New in the Configuration Manager Documentation Library for November 2007” for a list of topics that are new or updated in this version. The updated smsv4.chm will have a date of 11/06/2007 and will overwrite the existing smsv4.chm in %systemroot%\help. This information is also available online in the TechCenter Library
Feature Bullet Summary:

The Documentation Library includes the following types of information:

• Setup and upgrade instructions.
• Information about new features and backwards compatibility.
• Conceptual descriptions about the technologies and features in Configuration Manager 2007.
• Procedural topics describing how to use the various features in Configuration Manager 2007
• Step-by-step topics to guide you through sample deployments
• Scenario topics to provide examples of how the technology might be used
• Security and privacy information about the features
• Troubleshooting information


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