Great Post on regular expressions

Just read a great post on Regular Expressions here:

Regular Expressions: Now You Have Two Problems


Extending SMS Web Reports with Data from other Databases

John Nelson wrote a good article on using a linked server in SQL to utilize SMS Web reports against data in other DBs.

Check out the article here:

How SMS & ConfigMgr Asset Intelligence Data is Collected on the Client

Great post on the technet forums detailing how this is done:

Powershell and SMS/ConfigMgr

Process Lasso

This looks really interesting, I am going to install and give it a shot.

Windows Live Skydrive – Now offering 5GBs free storage

I just read that Skydrive is offering 5gb’s of free storage! That is really cool, especially the free part.  I haven’t tested it out yet, but the blog post says the service is also faster and they’ve removed the Beta label.

Taking the mystery out of Monads

GREAT VIDEO on Channel9 by Brian Beckman

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